Tips to Improve Foot Health

Your feet carry you through life. They literally hold your burdens for you, lifting up your weight and helping you move from one point to another. While our feet are built to go through a lot, they aren’t invincible. This vitally important part of our health – and our mobility – should be given more time and attention in order to avoid long-term foot pain in the future. If you are worried about stiff, painful, or broken feet, this is the guide for you. Let’s see some tips to improve foot health.

Tips to Improve Foot Health

Below, our foot and heel specialists will list the top 5 tips to improve foot health, both on your own and with your trusted doctor. The Heel and Pain Institute of California offers top-rated plantar fasciitis treatment along with other effective treatments to treat many types of foot pain.

Invest in Better Shoes

When patients visit our institute without an idea where their foot pain came from, most of the time it can be pinned on bad shoes. Most folks don’t realize that wearing old, worn-out shoes can actually damage certain parts of your foot over time.

The best shoes to wear will have toe springs, rigid soles, and a little bit of elevation in the heel. You should be looking for natural arch support so your feet don’t flatten over time, which could contribute to a number of different nerve and tissue-related pains.

Practice Daily Foot Exercises

Just like with yoga, stretching, and brushing your teeth, there are certain small activities that you can do every day to improve your foot health naturally. One popular stretch is the toe extensor, which works to tighten the muscles in your little toe. Since many types of foot pains and nerve-related issues are caused by the little toe being squished, especially in those who often wear conventional shoes.

Always Clean Your Feet

Your feet are the farthest parts of your body from your face, so naturally, they can be easy to neglect. Even when you are in the shower, you might not take the time to physically wash your feet. However, it’s important to treat your feet ike any other part of you and invest in regular washing and cleaning. Not doing so could lead to damaged skin and stiffness in the foot.

Additionally, you should always clean your socks and wear clean socks. Dirty socks can attract sweat and moisture, along with dirt and other unsavory substances. Some of these can soak into your feet, causing them to be susceptible to future damage. You may also build up a skin irritation or a rash due to the constant rubbing against unclean surfaces.

Always Trim Your Nails

One of the leading reasons for a stubbed toe is actually having long nails or hangnails. Long toenails can cause many dings and bumps, and also collect a lot of debris under the nailbeds. On the other hand, toenails that are clipped too short can develop an ingrown nail. This ends up painful and often leads to swelling. Avoid infection and stay clean by giving your toenails a modest trim every once in a while.

Engage in More Physical Activity

Sometimes, staying stagnant for too long or developing additional medical conditions like diabetes can cause a myriad of foot-related pains. Physical activity in the form of sports, therapy, or a simple workout can work wonders for your feet and your whole body. No matter your current physical condition, you are likely to improve by investing some of your time to engage in physical activity.

Learn More About Foot Health Today

Some conditions can be treated through physical therapy, medication, and other non-invasive solutions. In some cases of severe foot or heel pain, more intervention may be needed. We offer leading Los Angeles minimally invasive heel surgery to patients dealing with foot pain and ankle problems. Get in touch with us today if you are worried about the chronic discomforts in your foot. The sooner you reach out to us, the easier it will be for us to help you feel better from head to toe.

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