Types of Heel Pain from Sports

Heel pain can rear its ugly head either in the midst of sports or because of the strong impacts associated with them. Taking note of these types of activities can keep one informed in case of an accident.

There are several different types of heel pain that can become incited or inflamed during sports activities, and it can help one cut a more serious situation off at the pass by learning to identify the symptoms of them.

Types of Heel Pain from Sports

If you’re suffering from heel pain or are due to engage in heavy sports activities and would like to stay wary of what to look for, take a look at the types of heel pains that can express themselves during sports activities.

Sever’s in Sport

Sever’s is a type of pain that is produced by the accidental or incidental separation of the growing heel bones known as calcaneus. Some of the common types of sports activities that can induce this type of pain include high-impact activities like football, rugby, and ice hockey.

MRI imaging has led medical professionals to believe that this type of fracture is a stress fracture. However, there is some debate about the exact nature of this type of injury, whether it’s caused by compression or fracture.

This type of heel pain is more common in boys than in girls and quite commonly afflicts young children. Children ages 9-13 remain the most commonly afflicted.

Achilles Tendonitis

Achilles tendonitis is the most common type of heel pain for runners. It’s relatively commonplace as well, with a general prevalence of around 11%. The prevalence of this condition is partially owed to the unusual level of use humans place on their Achilles tendon, which in some ways is unique in mammals. This type of condition is a degenerative, inflammatory condition of the heels.

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis most commonly afflicts runners but can also affect athletes of different kinds. The most commonly afflicted by this type of injury is a long-distance runner over the age of 35.

As one ages, the soft tissues of the body become slightly less elastic, which consequently makes them easier to strain. Plantar Fasciitis can sneak up on a patient since the pain often begins at an almost indistinguishable level, building gradually and slowly over the years. Our clinic specializes in Plantar Fasciitis outpatient surgery.


This is another condition of the Achilles heel that involves a complex blending of the tendon to the rest of the fibro-cartilage of the feet to the bones in the heel. It’s a more common condition in feet with high arches. The pain that arises from this condition is partially due to the fact that tendons respond sensitively to compression.


This is another sub-type of Achilles tendon injury. It occurs when the tendon and its sleeves are injured, oftentimes from an external source. The most common source of this type of injury seems to be new footwear. Specifically, new footwear that is rigid and chafes against the back of one’s heel can cause this type of heel pain.

Haglund’s in Sport

Haglund’s deformity is an enlargement of the posterior part of the heel bone and the soreness of the skin over the bony lump. The nickname for this type of deformity is the “pump bump.”

This type of pain proves especially prone to develop during one’s teenage years. Namely, when the growing heel bone rubs against footwear and causes blood flow to the bones. This, in turn, stimulates excessive bone growth.

This type of pain can feel quite painful. Especially for those required to wear tight footwear for certain types of sporting activities. This pain can sometimes require surgical intervention.

Schedule a Consultation With a Heel Pain Expert

If you’re suffering from some kind of heel pain that doesn’t abate, scheduling a consultation with a heel pain specialist will likely give you more information regarding the exact type of condition you face.

Because heel pain can be a diverse and subtle experience, oftentimes, the eye of a specialist is necessary to properly diagnose and treat whatever type of injury is at play. From there, you and your doctor can make a plan moving forward for the best type of treatment style for your injury.

The Heel Pain Center of California

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