3 Jobs That Increase Foot Pain Risk

If you have a job that requires you to always be on your feet, you might be starting to feel the physical side effects of your occupation. At your dedicated center for treating heel pain in California, our doctors and experts have been able to identify the top 3 jobs that increase foot pain risk.

3 Jobs That Increase Foot Pain Risk

Whether you are a part of these occupations or you perform similar work, you should schedule some time for a full foot examination with your doctor. Heel and foot pain can be difficult to treat once it appears, so it’s important to take as many precautionary measures as you can.

Job #1: Stylists, Beauticians, and Barbers

You might not think that being a haircutter is physically laborious work, but it is one of the most intensive jobs that you can do all day long. Stylists usually stand all day, moving all the muscles in their arms to use different tools and techniques. Since they are standing all day, beauticians tend to lean to one side more than the other in times of rest. This can create an imbalance in the spine, which puts a lot of undue pressure on whichever foot is taking the brunt of the weight.

If you are in this line of work, it’s important to take breaks as frequently as you can. Make sure you sit and rest throughout the day and don’t over-exert your abilities.

Job #2: Construction Workers

This might be the more obvious one, but it goes without saying that anyone working in construction is at the biggest risk of developing foot and spine pain over time. Those who operate heavy machinery, swing heavy tools, stand on uneven surfaces, and work outside in harsh conditions are much more susceptible to poor health.

It is not uncommon for construction workers to start to develop swollen ankles and feet after working all day. If this problem is not addressed by the doctor, it will only worsen and grow more permanent over time. Make sure you are giving yourself ample time to rest and take long breaks over the weekend to restore your physical strength.

Job #3: Medical Workers

If you have a job in healthcare, you might also find yourself standing on your feet for hours on end. Nurses, doctors, surgeons, and other hospital staff are often required to spend extended hours working on-site, which typically involves being on the move the entire time.

It is no wonder why so many people in the medical field develop specific foot-related issues so frequently. Being on your feet for hours on end can cause issues like heel and ankle swelling, toe cramping, ingrown toenails, flat feet, and muscle cramps that will only worsen over time.

Getting the Best Treatment for Foot and Ankle Pain

If your feet are sore due to the requirements of your job, you might benefit from connecting with a specialist and learning more about proactive treatments. One of our most highly recommended treatments, minimally invasive heel surgery, is a very straightforward surgery for heel spurs and other heel conditions that promises fast recovery times and effective results.

Some of the greatest benefits of minimally invasive heel spur surgery can include less scarring than more traditional foot surgeries, instant pain relief, and very little disruption to surrounding structures in your neurovascular system. All in all, this treatment is an effective way to remove heel spurs and other uncomfortable heel conditions that may have appeared as a result of your heavy labor. You can learn more about this surgery and schedule a personal consultation with us today by contacting us online or in person.

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