6 Reasons to NOT Assume You Have Heel Spurs

Pain and discomfort in your heel can cause you to assume the issue is heel spurs. However, heel spurs are not the only issue that could be causing your foot pain. There are a variety of causes that should be addressed in order to improve your symptoms. Below you will find 6 reasons to NOT assume you have heel spurs.

6 Reasons to NOT Assume You Have Heel Spurs

After a quick online search of your symptoms you may assume that you have heel spurs. However, there are a number of causes of heel pain. It’s important to find the root cause by working with a skilled specialist.

Repetitive Motions:

Repetitive overuse is a very common cause of heel pain. In fact, it is the leading cause as repetitive overuse can impact your heels. Repetitive overuse includes walking or running long distances, standing for long periods, and even excess weight gain can cause issues. You can also experience inflammation in your heel bone if you have a tight Achilles tendon. This is because it connects your calf muscles to your heel bone which can be irritated through overuse.


Trauma or injury to your heel can cause serious pain. In fact, impact injuries can cause deep bruises that can impact your heel fat pad or the ball of your foot. This can make walking extremely difficult. In addition to deep bruises, heel bone fractures can also cause significant heel pain.

Physical Activity:

Intense physical activity can impact the health of your heel. Even one small movement when you are running, jumping, or playing sports can cause an injury. Using caution when engaging in physical activities is critical for your foot health.

Unsupportive Footwear:

Certain shoes can increase your risk for heel pain. Women are at an increased risk for Morton’s neuroma due to wearing high heels. The condition involves the thickening of the tissue around the nerve between the bases of your toes. This can lead to serious pain and numbness in your feet.

Arch Issues:

Issues with your arch can affect more than just your foot arch. In fact, it can impact your heel and cause a lot of pain. This is especially true for those with plantar fasciitis. The condition is noticeably worse in the morning or after not moving for long periods, but can cause a number of unwanted symptoms at any point.

Other Possibilities:

A number of health conditions can impact your heels and cause pain. Some of the common conditions include arthritis, bunions, hammer toe, claw toe, turf toe, and even ingrown toenails. These conditions are also accompanied by swelling and inflammation which can exacerbate your heel pain.

Medical Practice for Heel Pain

Getting treatment early on is key when it comes to health issues. This is especially true if your pain is in your heel as you use your feet daily. Heel pain can impact your daily life and cause a number of unwanted symptoms. Pain, discomfort, swelling, and inflammation can be difficult to deal with so finding a medical practice for heel pain can be highly beneficial.

The Heel Pain Institute of California is the leading location for treatment related to heel issues. They offer a minimally-invasive option for heel spurs that can help get you back on your feet in no time. Their experts have helped countless patients improve their condition and get rid of any unwanted symptoms. The first step in addressing your heel pain is scheduling an appointment. From there, a medical professional can diagnose the issue and create a customized treatment plan based on your unique needs. Contact the team at the Heel Pain Institute of California today to schedule an appointment!

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