Mobility Exercises for Heel Pain

Heel pain is a relatively common occurrence. While conditions like plantar fasciitis can affect anyone, athletes who run, jump, and do other repetitive activities on their feet are more prone to the conditions that cause heel pain. Let’s look at some mobility exercises for heel pain and foot pain.

Mobility Exercises for Heel Pain

Fortunately, heel pain treatment is usually very simple. Depending on the underlying cause of your heel pain, your doctor will likely prescribe a short period of rest, customized orthotics, and a series of stretches to resolve the issue. In rare cases, you may need foot keyhole surgery in Los Angeles if other treatment options fail to provide relief.

These are some of the most helpful mobility exercises you can do to prevent and address heel pain.

Calf Stretch

A calf stretch reduces the tension your calf muscle puts on the ligaments extending over your heel. To do this stretch, put both hands on a wall. Bend one knee and push the other leg back with your heel on the floor.

Sit in the stretch for 10-20 seconds. Switch legs and repeat. You can do this stretch several times in a row to gradually improve flexibility.

Rolling Massage

While either sitting or standing place a muscle roller or a tennis ball beneath one foot. Focus on gently rolling your foot over the object from just behind the ball of your foot to just before the heel.

Repeat the process several times while maintaining steady control and pressure. When you’re ready, switch feet. This is a gentle stretch for the plantar fascia, and you should not experience pain.

Resistance Band Point and Flex

This is a great exercise for your whole foot. Sit down in a comfortable position and wrap a thick resistance band across the ball of your foot. Bend your knee enough that you’re comfortable flexing and pointing your foot.

When you’re ready gently point the toes of your foot like a ballet dancer. Keep your foot at an angle where the band doesn’t slip off. Then slowly transition your foot to a flexed position. Repeat the exercise about 10 times on each foot.

Heel Raise

You can do this exercise on a staircase or a weighted aerobics step. If you do use a staircase, always do this exercise on the bottom step. When you begin the front half of your foot should be on the step and the back half should hang off. Putting a hand on a wall or a handrail can be helpful.

When you’re comfortably balanced, slowly lower your heels as far as you comfortably can. Then raise your heels as much as you comfortably can. Slowly repeat this exercise 10-20 times to stretch your calves and ligaments.

Resistance Band Ankle Inversion

This resistance band stretch is great for the lateral flexibility of your feet. Tie a tight loop at one end of your resistance band that’s big enough to comfortably fit over one foot.

Place the loop and cross your feet. Bring the remaining end of the resistance band across the bottom of the other foot and hold it in your hands. With the band in place gently push your crossed feet in opposite directions. Do this ten times and switch.

Toe Scrunch

Toe scrunches are a very simple exercise for your feet. Place a towel beneath your feet and scrunch your toes like you’re trying to grab the towel. Be deliberate and gentle with your movement and repeat 10-20 times.

Plantar Fascia Stretch

To give your plantar fascia a more intense stretch, you can do a standard plantar fascia stretch. Sit down and bring up one foot at a time. Place your hand over the ball of your foot and gently pull the toes back. Do this on both sides.

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