Heel Pain in Young Athletes

Person with heel pain as a young athlete sitting on ground.

Young athletes have a lot on their plates. Between growing up, school, and their athletic activities they’re pretty busy by kid standards. With all of the constant activity, it’s no wonder that children’s athletic injuries aren’t always noticeable right away. They often get written off as growing pains or minor accidental injuries, but sometimes they’re … Read more

Can Kids Have Heel Pain?

Kid with heel pain at the doctor getting treated.

Can kids have heel pain? Well, children seem almost indestructible at times, bouncing back from tumbles that are almost too painful to watch. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t just as capable of developing the same injuries as their adult counterparts. This includes heel pain. In fact, you may be surprised to know that there … Read more

Best Diet for Foot Bone Health

People on a treadmill that have good health from eating the best diet for foot bone health.

If you’re able-bodied, then there’s a good chance you have taken your feet for granted at some point in your life. We run, dance, and play all without much thought for our feet. However, the reality is that our feet are a delicate network of bones, muscles, tendons, vessels, and nerve endings. Any damage to … Read more

How Long Do Heel Spurs Last?

Woman with heel spurs sitting down.

Heel spurs are the result of calcium build-up underneath the heel bone, and they’re fairly common. About 10% of the general population has heel spurs. Fortunately, the vast majority don’t have any pain or other associated symptoms as a result of their heel spurs. The other 5% of people with heel spurs aren’t so lucky. … Read more

Types of Heel Spurs

Woman feeling red pain from some types of heel spurs.

Heel spurs are much like any other bone spur. They are hard bumps of extra bone that usually form in the joints as a result of injury, overuse, or a degenerative disease such as osteoarthritis. In many cases, bone spurs go undetected because they are largely asymptomatic. Problems only really occur when the bone spur … Read more

Jobs that Cause Foot Pain

Stock image of a woman in black dress and high heels sitting on a couch

Some jobs are just a pain in the boot. Literally, there are jobs that cause foot pain. Thanks to regular walking hazards or extended hours on your feet, some professions are more likely to result in foot pain. However, that doesn’t mean you should give up on a job you love or one that provides … Read more

What Causes Heel Spurs?

Stock image of girl with her left shoe removed and holding her left leg to feel her heel spur pain

Heel spurs are more common than you may think. 1 in 10 people have them, and 1 in 20 experience pain as a result of their heel spurs. Given how many people are affected by heel spurs, it’s pretty surprising that we don’t talk about them all that often. Fortunately, the causes for heel spurs … Read more