When to Get Treatment for Heel Pain?

concept image of needing treatment for heel pain

Heel pain is fairly common. Everything from growing pains to athletic activities can contribute to the occasional experience with heel pain. Fortunately, most cases of heel pain are fairly benign and will go away on their own. When to Get Treatment for Heel Pain? With that said, heel pain isn’t always temporary. Sometimes it reflects … Read more

Athlete-Induced Heel Spurs Guide

Woman wondering if she has athlete-induced heel spurs

Staying active is one of the best things you can do for your body. It improves respiratory and cardiac function while creating a stronger support structure for your body. Unfortunately, an active body isn’t immune to damage. In fact, being active can make you more susceptible to certain injuries and conditions, especially if you prefer … Read more

Can Shoes Cause Heel Spurs?

Woman wearing heels which are shoes that cause heel spurs

Some people walk around with heel spurs everyday and have no idea there’s an extra bony protrusion on the bottom of their heel. Unfortunately, others aren’t so lucky. For people who have larger heel spurs or wear shoes that promote the growth of heel spurs, the condition can be painful. So can shoes cause heel … Read more